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Audi Behind the Rings

Audi behind the rings

VORSPRUNG DURCH TECHNIK I THE STORY Famous Slogan Deconstructed in New Audi Podcast

Audi behind the rings

The first episode of the new eight-part podcast series Audi I Behind the Rings lands on 9 ) June, taking a closer look at the most famous slogan in advertising history: Vorsprung durch Technik.

In the episode titled Vorsprung durch Technik – Past, Present and Future, listeners are treated to a journey of discovery taking them from the birth of Audi to its vision for the future of mobility and innovative car technologies. This includes the drive towards a fully electric range of cars by 2030 and the near reality of self-driving vehicles.

The 30-minute pod examines how Vorsprung durch Technik- also the brand philosophy-turned a small German car company into the worldwide phenomenon it is today, and how it might go on to influence the future.

Host Alex Goy, a motoring journalist and Audi enthusiast since childhood, talks to Andrew Doyle, the Director of Audi UK, who explains how Vorsprung durch Technik propelled the brand to dominance.

How did the phrase come about? How and why has technology always been the beating heart of Audi? What is Audi doing now that still justifies the strapline today? All these questions and more are answered in an informal and highly entertaining roundtable that also features Jeremy White, the Executive Editor of an magazine.

Seven further episodes of the podcast series will land at weekly intervals, each dissecting Audi-related subjects from design and electrification to the iconic quattro marque, motorsport and music.

Packed with hardcore facts, as well as illuminating stories and fun anecdotes, for all car fans, Audi I Behind the Rings is sure to become one of the most popular podcasts of 2021.

Audi I Behind the Rings will be available for free download or streaming. Find each episode or subscribe at Apple podcasts, Google podcasts or Spotify. Listen and subscribe hereĀ  smarturLit/behindtherings