Daniel Shaw Is Back With Another Pop Hit

Australia’s Most Talked-About New Sing-Songwriter, Daniel Shaw, Unveils Latest Track

Daniel shaw used to be
After the breakout success of Daniel’s previous single, Don’t Leave Me Now, with over 338,000 organic YouTube views, 118,000 Spotify streams and a host of television and radio plays across Australia, the UK and America, his latest single looks to propel him to an even bigger stage. Used to Be is Daniel Shaw’s latest track and features all the elements which have seen him rise to prominence: his outpouring of emotion and feeling can be heard in every piano chord and every note he sings. Considered by Daniel to be a companion piece to Don’t Leave Me Now, the lyrics speak of how difficult it is say goodbye to someone you love and the hard journey of attempting to block out your feelings and dashed hopes.

It may seem improbable that Australian artist, Daniel Shaw, is already a veteran of the music scene at only 21-years old, but this is very much the case. Having released his first album, and touring in America and Europe, at the age of 12, Daniel has already outlasted many whom he considers influencers such as Passenger and has been longer on the scene than Ed Sheeran.

aniel is no ordinary musician – whereas most singers who had released an album at just 12-years of age would have already burned out, he has grown into a talent which is impossible to ignore. Like his heroes, Billy Joel and Elton John, his proficiency on the piano gives the impression that the instrument has become a part of him. Immediately recognisable not only for his music but also his ever-increasing wardrobe of beanie hats! Indeed, fans are now clamouring to own their own, which they are now able to do via his online store:  2bshaw.com

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