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Dayglow releases new video for latest single, ‘Woah Man’, new album ‘Harmony House’

Dayglow releases new video for latest single, 'woah man', new album 'harmony house'

Dayglow today shares his new video for latest single, ‘Woah Man’, taken from his highly anticipated new album ‘Harmony House’, which will be released on his own Very Nice Records in partnership with AWAL on May 21st.  

The next teaser of ‘Harmony House’ comes in the form of ‘Woah Man’, a slow, smooth and reassuring bop. Sloan Struble, otherwise known as Dayglow, speaks of the video: “I wanted the Woah Man video to have a sentimental/nostalgic feeling to it. Three things that make me feel those emotions are Charlie Brown, School House Rock, and the Beatles movie, “Yellow Submarine” — so with the wizardry of Johnny Chew, we made the Woah Man music video combine all three of them!”

The release of ‘Woah Man’ follows the joyful, 80s-pop-inspired single ‘Close To You’, (currently sitting at a mind-blowing 20 millions streams) and ‘Something’, a David Byrne-inspired track about the sometimes overwhelming experience of contemporary life as it’s lived both digitally and in real life.

Dayglow was born and raised in Texas, and wrote the first song he recorded for ‘Harmony House’, ‘Medicine’ while still in his dorm room. At 21, he’s now out of school, but as he did on his debut, he writes, produces, records, and mixes all of his music himself—in his bedroom, no less. That sort of sturdiness he strives for in his writing makes for timeless music, a quality ‘Harmony House’ exudes. Beyond reassurance, the album also encourages you to get up and dance with its single ‘Close to You’, Dayglow’s first single in over a year and already surpassing millions of plays since its release last month. Indebted to ‘80s anthems about shy feelings of love, like Whitney Houston’s immortal ‘How Will I Know’, ‘Close to You’ is like a duet between Struble and his feelings of self-doubt. But the synth’s propel him forward (and you to the dancefloor).

‘Harmony House’ is a finely calibrated, carefully fussed over expression of encouragement for anyone who needs it. The album ends with “Like Ivy,” a mellow return to the melodic theme introduced on the opening track that describes “growing up like ivy” and the mysterious passage of time. Struble’s boyish and gentle tenor explores its upper limits as he sings the big idea of ‘Harmony House’: “I’m learning to grow.” It’s a lesson that never ends.

Dayglow recently made his TV debut on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, performing his breakout hit ‘Can I Call You Tonight’, watch here.

Dayglow’s magnetic new single ‘Woah Man’ is out now and his brand new album ‘Harmony House’ will be released May 21st and can be pre-ordered here.

Dayglow – ‘Harmony House’

  1. Something
  2. Medicine
  3. Balcony
  4. December
  5. Close To You
  6. Crying On The Dancefloor
  7. Into Blue
  8. Moving Out
  9. Woah Man
  10. Strangers
  11. Like Ivy