JELLY – Shake It Like A Mutha

May 9th, 2019 (New York, NY) – Out-of-this-world pop group Jelly makes their musical debut with the release of new single “Shake It Like A Mutha” and accompanying video today. It’s a perfectly upbeat track to introduce such a high-energy group to the music industry. The video and track premiered exclusively at Parade who wrote Jelly “deliver catchy beats, fun vocals and plenty of humor with this video for “Shake It Like a Mutha.”

Shake it like a mutha
“Shake It Like A Mutha” is a tribute to moms who are dedicated to their families but aren’t afraid to let loose once in a while. The track melds the perky synths and fierce beats of Kpop with the vibrant energy of Jennie, Emily, and Yume to create a fun, quirky experience. “Shake it Like A Mutha” was produced by the team at The91West, who have previously worked with Kpop and Jpop artists like EXO, CBX, and Hiroomi Tosaka. Korean-American artist MYK jumps in on the rap, helping to maintain the track’s genuine Kpop spirit.

The video for “Shake It Like A Mutha” brings together the skills of director Jay Ahn, who has directed for artists like Anderson .Paak, Ty Dolla $ign, Jhené Aiko and more, and a super-talented animation team (Chie Moon, Kenson, Sorie Kim, Brian Yoon, and Vin Kim). The final product is nothing short of a colorful, cartoony, larger than life experience. In this universe, Jennie, Emily, and Yume are superSHEeroes, tasked with saving the children of the world from the nefarious monsters that are junk food, electronics, and of course, actual monsters. Clips of the moms handling some of the daily troubles of motherhood (e.g., exhaustion and banning Fortnite), divide up the animated sections and add an extra layer of humor. In Jelly’s ultra-fun style, this video showcases motherhood for all that it is: important, tiring, rewarding, and above all, a lot of work.

Jelly is an American pop/Kpop group from Los Angeles, comprised of members Jennie Kim, Yume Han, and Emily Yang. What started as weekly Kpop dance exercise classes quickly became a full-fledged band of powerful women–Jelly, representing the first initials of each member’s name and two L’s for “love” and “life”. The three took their love of Kpop and their experience as mothers and set out to create a “mom anthem”, eventually landing on “Shake It Like A Mutha”.

As their debut single, Jelly is excited for fans to enjoy “Shake It Like A Mutha” and join in the fun. Be sure to keep an eye out for more music from the inspiring women of Jelly!


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