Nikki’s Wives – Release 90’s inspired “Lemonade” Music Video TODAY!

April 8, 2019 (New York, NY) – Alt-rock powerhouse Nikki’s Wives continues to dominate 2019 with today’s release of a new music video for “Lemonade”, which dropped back in February. The larger-than-life trio invites fans to immerse themselves in the fun of their high-energy, vividly colorful world.

Nikki's wives release 90's inspired lemonade music video
Yellow is in theme in this cheeky video featuring exciting fashions, vibrant scenes of the Hollywood hills, and playful interactions between the band members. The three work in such an upbeat, comedic harmony that makes this a truly irresistible viewing experience. The choice of scenery and emphasis on color perfectly match the energy of the song’s huge drums and powerful vocals by lead singer Nikki. All of the video’s lively visual and musical aspects make it the perfect treat to welcome the warmer seasons.

Spending their time between Canada and the US, Nikki’s Wives has kept a very busy schedule since releasing their debut EP, Motor Court, in 2018. Last year, they performed at multiple parties organized by management group Ghost Rocket Music, most notably at NYC’s Gramercy Theatre with Allison Hagendorf hosting. Nikki’s Wives have blown up in such a short period of time, as their performances have been met with packed (and overflowing) houses. The band is committed to satisfying their devoted fans, with more performances throughout 2019 (between Toronto, Nashville, NYC, and more) already on the books.

The trio recently finished staying at the Hollywood Hills home where the “Lemonade” video was filmed. Having set up their own temporary recording studio, Nikki’s Wives will be bringing fans more songs and videos from their time there.

“Lemonade” was released back in February to huge success, with the track reaching over 30K streams to date and the band’s Spotify page sitting at nearly 100K monthly listeners. In Canada, people are encouraged to contact the following radio stations to request the song:

@indie88 416.588.0881 Toronto
@the_edge 416-870-3343 Toronto
@fm96rocks 519-643-9696 London
@939theriver 519.792.6040 Windsor


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