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17-year old SBK brings style and pure grime energy to LOTM along with his personality. The multi-talented artist is also a producer. His biggest tune to date is called ‘Get Up’ which is self produced and he recently dropped a 6-track self-produced EP ‘In Grime We Trust’ showing off his skills and turning heads.

SBK tells Trench Magazine “I wanted to send a clear message with my Hype Session. Grime is well and truly alive and I spat on one of my favourite old-school beats. I wanted to show I’m not a push around and I can hold my own against T-Roadz. He lives in a city where theres a scene and opp[ortunites; I’m from a small town away from any city and I have to embed myself into the London scene. No matter how the clash went, my Hype Session is a statement.”

Birmingham’s T.Roadz is the youngest talent on LOTM at just 13 years old, he the youngest competitor in this series. His character on the mic though is larger than life, with standout single ‘T 2 Da Roadz’ showcasing this. He’s already created history by being the youngest and only artists to get a wheel up every time on his Blackbox freestyles.

T.Roadz said “My hype session shows man what SBK really goes home to when he goes yard: DOMINO’S BWOI!!!!”

SBK Hype Session


T.Roadz Hype Session