Miya- Naked

MIYA is a multitalented and versatile London based singer, songwriter, pianist and composer. Her exceptional voice, ability to write very catchy toplines and her soulfulness captured the attention of a lot of well-established producers and publishers.

Miya nakedMIYA has written songs for a broad variety of well-established producers and artists such as the original Artful Dodger, Michael Gray, Dizzy Rascal, Rita Ora, The Weeknd, Daft Punk, Don Diablo to mention a few

MIYA’s musical background started with her studying classical music at the age of 7, training in classical piano then moving onto jazz and playing the saxophone. She then went on to study a 3-year Bmus university degree in performance in London at Thames Valley University.

MIYA is highly unique in the way that she is not solely a singer but also has a great talent for songwriting and composing.

She is very versatile and can create catchy, up-tempo top lines like in her song  ‘Naked’ one of the newest singles that got placements all over UK in H&M, Juicy Couture, Misguided  stores and reached over 100k Spotify streams within a month to composing beautiful piano-based ballads  such as  ‘Fallen for you’ or house/dance tracks such as “Wanna be with you”. All 3 songs are available on iTunes and other platforms. Also, her latest collaboration includes a new single coming out in September with the original Artful Dodger, creator of Craig David albums that goes by the name of Mark Hill feat Miya-‘It’s over’

MIYA has also had a successful acting career on major film productions made by Universal and  Warner Bros. She starred alongside some top names such as Tom Cruise, Christian Bale, Tom Hardy, Jeremy Piven and Bradley Cooper. MIYA moved to London without any connections in the film and music business. Being a native Polish and having English as a second language it wasn’t an easy journey, but her drive are a true statement of “anything is possible” if you put your work and mind to it and she is a big believer of this life approach.

Miya is currently working on her solo album and will be releasing new singles each month.


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