Following the success of the original “Flex PonYou” release, Berlin based duo Ricky Dietz (Jamaican-Canadian R&B singer Sway Clarke and producer Pierre Baigorry) enlist none-other ultimate grime heavyweight producer, Z Dot and the godfather of grime, Wiley for the highly anticipated remix.

Wiley jumps onto the track with a verse heavily inspired by his most recent track “Boasty” which proved a huge success, with over 55 million streams to date, Wiley’s biggest track in years. With a skippy flow brimming with punchlines, Wiley effortlessly injects the track with his raw grime roots.

Whereas the original “Flex Pon You” combined Shaku rhythms – a traditional, energetic beat from West Africa – and the dark Berlin sample culture, the remix delves into to the other side of Ricky Dietz: dancehall.  Speaking on the track, Ricky states: “The UK are putting a particular spin on it and mixing it with grime elements…It’s super dope!! This spin is courtesy of well-known UK grime producer ZDot, and is yet another injection of international Berlin cool that will continue to cement their reputations as innovative, baller artisans.

Sway – a hit songwriter for the likes of John Legend and Tinie Tempah joined forces with Pierre, already a successful singer in Germany to create a confluence of innately funky, danceable sounds. The product of the duo’s combined influences is the kind of tongue-in-cheek cool that’s becoming more apparent with each subsequent release. Polished, insane and undoubtedly talented, Ricky Dietz have gone from hyper-local to transnational, and with “Flex Pon You” set to continue to underline their credentials once more, it’ll also have you on the dancefloor, make no mistake.

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