ROMAN CIGI Throws Away the Rulebook with New Track “Countdown to Fight”

DJ and Producer ROMAN CIGI Throws Away the Rulebook with New Track “Countdown to Fight”

ROMAN CIGI is bringing cinematic scope to his library of samples and his reinvention of what house music is and possibly can be. Incorporating some Hans Zimmer-esque cues, ominous build-ups and some fantastical stings, Countdown to Fight is a track which demands to be heard far beyond the dancefloors.

DJ and producer, Roman Cigan (who goes by the name of Cigi – a nickname picked up during childhood), was born in Slovakia but moved to UK, near London, where he now lives. ROMAN CIGI has long ago stepped out of the box as a music maker and mixer. Keen to re-contextualise any music in a creative and novel way. has a breadth and depth of knowledge of different genres through which he can allow his imagination to flow effectively. By his own estimates, he’s working with 10 different genres of music at any one time (house, deep house, tech house, techno, downtempo, progressive house, trance, Latin, cinematic…you get the idea) drawing on his bank of beats and cues which he has amassed over the years and ensuring that every track he creates has a truly unique feel.

A graduate from London Sound Academy, ROMAN CIGI can regularly be found performing sets in and around London (including Ministry of Sound) and across Ibiza in the summer months.

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