S1 Drops Pirate Swing

Already Boasting One of the Most Enviable Profiles on Drill’s Explosive Underground Scene, S1 Sets to Revolutionise the Next Decade as He Makes Way for New Phase of Music Introduced With ‘pirate Swing’.

S1 pirate swingAlready boasting one of the most enviable profiles on Drill’s explosive underground scene, you would be forgiven for thinking you know S1 as an artist. Emerging from West London, his usual gritty, menacing narrative has been stretched to incorporate melodic elements alongside his razor-sharp rhymes and snappy flows as S1 makes way for a whole new phase of music, introduced with ‘Pirate Swing’.

Making his debut since signing to Disturbing London, ‘Pirate Swing’, is the biggest moment to date in his accelerating rise. It’s a thrilling rush of everything that makes S1 a rising star: Afroswing grooves and brutal bars, yet also so relentlessly catchy. Produced by Yamaica, S1 peppers an onslaught of differing flows, character packed delivery, quick-fire ad-libs and chanted dance instructions that is getting the whole of Instagram moving. The track sets the precedent for his forthcoming mixtape release – the first, and long-awaited music collection to be granted by the hotly tipped rapper which he explains: “It’s the first set of songs that people are going to hear and then judge me as an artist. So I’m going to make sure it’s perfect.”

Always commanding to his cause, S1 has showed incessant determination and a fearless pursuit of his self-written success no matter how far out of his comfort zone that means he has to step. Asserting the drill attitude, that helped define his name, in to more melodic drops, hinted at with previous single ‘Fake Love’ and now on ‘Pirate Swing’, has seen him move in to a space of experimentation and growth, welcomed by existing fans and a slew of new fans making their S1 discovery.

Dubbing himself ‘Most Hated’ on social media, the army of over 150k Instagram followers and the constant increase in those tuning in to his sound through streams and video views would appear to disagree. Establishing himself by spitting his own truths and the tough journey he’s had so far, not in life and music, which includes a childhood in care throughout his early teens, his music is created as an outlet and is undeniably reaching and resonating with a generation. “It’s about everything I’ve gone through” explains S1. “But it’s also about what other people like my fans are going through. I make music to relate to everyone in my culture, and to help people understand where they’re coming from. The main thing is embrace everything about yourself.”

Brought up on a musical feast of American Rap and artists that revolutionised the UK naughties rap scene, such as Giggs, Sneakbo and Cashtastic, S1 hits the new decade with unreserved, energy, honesty and talent as he steps in to play for the new revolution of 2020.


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