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Singer Sasha Siem New Single “Come as the Sun”

Singer Sasha Siem Records with Internationally Renowned Violinist (and Sibling) Charlie Siem on New Single “Come as the Sun”

Sasha and charlieLONDON  — Sasha Siem, the break-out British singer/ songwriter whose US debut generated headlines throughout 2019, is premiering her newest single, “Come as the Sun” in anticipation of the long-awaited release of her album Holy this year. The song marks the first time Sasha has recorded with her brother, the world-renowned violinist Charlie Siem. It will be available on digital platforms around the globe, including Spotify, Pandora, YouTube as well as on radio and social media.

“’Come as the Sun’ is a call to ‘come as you are,’” said Sasha, whose soulful, deeply personal and empowering lyrics are a signature in her music. “It’s meant embrace and accept all of who you are. All of us at some point or another feel that if we’re a bit more like this or like that we’ll be more lovable or acceptable. We start diminishing the truth of who we are in order to fit in. This song is an invitation to settle into the center of your being and to shine gloriously. Rather than settling for being a fallen star.”

Sasha, who in addition to singing and song writing is a classically trained piano player, enlisted Charlie to perform “Come as the Sun,” the first time the siblings have recorded a major release together.

“We have long wanted to collaborate and perform with each other, and ‘Come as the Sun’ was the perfect opportunity,” said Sasha. “Charlie is an exquisite musician who puts so much of himself and soul into his work. He has a level of confidence and self-knowledge in everything he does, which speaks to the meaning of this song.”

“Sasha and I have performed together, but not like this,” said Charlie. “It’s our first major collaboration, and it was an incredibly meaningful experience. ‘Come as the Sun’ is a beautiful song that showcases the amazing range of Sasha’s abilities. Playing with a musician of her caliber always raises your game and makes you better in the end.”

“Come as the Sun” was co-written by sound alchemist Philipp Schardt, who has collaborated with Sasha on her upcoming album, Holy, which is set to premiere this summer. “It’s an album that aims to transcend any religious, social, or personal limitations and simply spread a message of love and understanding,” Sasha has said. “I wish my songs will inspire people to hope, feel supported in their desire to make a difference and remember that we really can with every action, thought and word. I really believe that together we can manifest a world that is harmonious and loving and respectful. “

Sasha made her U.S. debut in 2019, highlighted by being named “New Wave” artist of the year by the Daily Front Row. She was the first artist to ever perform at its “Fashion Media Awards” to an audience that included Kate Moss, British Vogue editor in chief Edward Enninful and other celebrities and icons.

An accomplished singer, pianist and cellist, Sasha has written music for the London Symphony Orchestra, The Royal Opera House, and the London Philharmonic Orchestra, and in 2010 she became one of the youngest people to win a British Composer Award. She has had two previous critically acclaimed albums, Most of the Boys and Bird Burning, which were hailed as “an uptown fusion of Bjork, The Raincoats and the Cosmopolitan letters page” (Uncut) and “Sweeping, widescreen grandeur.”

Born into a musical family, Sasha began playing piano at age five, studying music at age seven and writing her first songs on the piano when she was only 11. Her first composition was an instrumental work to accompany Maya Angelou’s poem, “A Caged Bird Sings.” She later attended the University of Cambridge, before receiving a Ph.D. in music and poetry from Harvard University. After graduation, she was commissioned to write works for opera houses and orchestras including the London Symphony and Royal Opera House.

Immersing herself in both her music and the workings of the music industry, Sasha recently started her own soon-to-launch label, Sanctum Records, which she describes as “an artists-for-artists label with a big social change aspect.” It will offer the opportunity to combine music with a message. “Our ethos is to use our music to harmonize the planet from the micro to the macro,” she explains. “We use music as a tool to create social impact.”

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