WhoisOrion – ‘Freezing’ (Out Now)

The record is a full on bubbler with a crazy unorthodox flow, clever wordplay, upbeat vibes and added jokes as WhoIsOrion’s cheeky character shines through both the bars and the visuals. Having been smashing out records on the underground pretty consistently now for the last couple of years, the south Londoner has gained quite a following and a reputation thanks to his genuine and relatable self-refelection that he portrays within his music, alongside vibrant rhythms with catchy melodic hooks. 

Whoisorion freezingWith the visuals opening to a sequence of WhoIsOrion facing an, errrm, ‘Freezing’ ice bath, the tone is set for this record to be a vibe throughout. As the official video kicks in alongside the instantly clappy beat, WhoisOrion jumps straight on to grab full attention with an unfaltering energetic flow throughout the record that crescendo’s in to one of the most catchy hooks of the year, that’s bound to lift anyone’s spirits along with their backsides right up from their seats and have them nodding and vibing shamelessly to the rhythmic beats and simple yet addictive chorus vibrating throughout this song!

Exploding out of the PXL Records camp, coined as the soon-to-be future home for the next wave of creative artists, producers and writers, PXL Records is Co-owned by prolific multi-genre producer Blinkie, so it’s no surprise that ‘Freezing’ already sounds like a certified banger!

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