Yung R – ‘Sound of my Pen’ single release

Yung R drops playful and dynamic new music video for “Sound Of My Pen”

Yung r sound of my pen (official music video)
Hot on the heels of the reflective and heartfelt single “Epiphany”, Yung R returns with an explosive new track, “Sound Of My Pen”. His own take on Stormzy and Sir Spyro’s massively successful “Sounds Of The Skeng”, it’s a searing statement of intent from this rising rap artist, confirming that not only is he here to stay, but ready to take grime to new levels of lyricism.

“This release is extremely important to me as it is a breakthrough in terms of sound. It captures the essence of who I am as an artist and portrays me at my very best in terms of tempo, flow, delivery, energy, clarity, confidence etc.”

Coming straight out of the gate with a relentless pace and thirst for competition, Yung R laces the track with a rough and ready old-school grime flow, taking the new wave of rappers to task: “nuff of you gotta go back to the start/cos your pen game looking all lousy again”.

Yung R nimbly rides the beat with the confidence of a seasoned MC and all the hunger of an up-and-coming talent. Switching up flows throughout, the South London-based rapper keeps his style fresh and contemporary while paying homage to the original track.

“I was inspired when I heard the magic between Stormzy and Sir Spyro and the return to old school Grime music. I also wanted to use the popular track as a way to show young people that you don’t have to speak negatively or use profanity when rapping at 140 bpm.”

“Sound Of My Pen” is accompanied by a wildly energetic music video which sees Yung R performing the track in a myriad of locations: spitting in the recording studio, boldly walking the streets of Croydon and Peckham alongside his crew, and even rapping atop a horse.

The quickfire cuts and editing complement the playful content of the video and his rapid-fire lyrical delivery. After showing the depth of his lyricism in “Epiphany”, “Sound Of My Pen” is a striking exhibition of audacity and talent that proves that Yung R can go toe-to-toe with any artist out there.

“The energy in the studio was crazy! The instrumental gave me so much to work with but I kept it short with two verses and two choruses and made sure I did Stormzy and Sir Spyro justice on this!”

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